Park your vehicles on a smooth surface.

Pour a new garage floor with Aldana Construction in Wenona & Peoria, IL

Are you looking to build a garage? Or do you already have one but looking to give it an update? Hire Aldana Construction to create a garage that your proud to show off. Garage slabs take a lot of wear and tear. They are a place to house heavy trucks, cars, kids toys, lawn care items and more. Call today to start your project

From framing to finish, Aldana Construction in Wenona, Bloomington & Peoria, IL are here to help

More goes into pouring a garage floor than the average homeowner thinks:

Making sure the garage is level

Choosing proper framing and support

Mixing up the correct concrete mixture

Selecting the right steel rods

Garage Flooring Concrete in Wenona & Peoria, IL

Don't complete your garage project without us, we're here to help! Call us today.